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Community 8 School

Community 8 school had no toilet facilities at all. We have now completed work on installing a brand new toilet block which includes four toilets and four washbasins for the boys, and four toilets and four washbasins for the girls. The children no longer have to wait until they get home.

While this work was being carried out we also replaced the wooden doors on all classrooms as these had become rotten and unsafe.



Baatsona School

Baatsoona’s stairways were broken, crumbling and unsafe for the children to use, we have replaced these with new, safe concrete stairways.

The classroom floors were impossible to keep clean and full of sand so we’ve fitted new tiles throughout.

Many of the doors were broken (see image to the left), these have been replaced with new wooden doors with working locks. The decorating is still to be done.



Twedaase School

Twedaase suffered with leaking roofs which is now fixed by cleaning, straightening and refixing the roofing sheets – see the images on the left.

Many of the classroom walls were full of cracks and badly in need of painting, these are now repaired and redecorated and look very smart.

The toilets and urinals were also in a deplorable state and could not be used by the school children. All toilet seats, basins and urinals have been replaced now.