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“Giving children the opportunity to improve their skills and compete
against other teams is something we take for granted in the UK”

Titus Bramble, Futurestars Ambassador & Lead Coach

Children showing particular talent are invited to attend the after-school Development Academies in football and netball

Currently the Football Academy has 36 boys who attend training four times a week on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at the Tema Stadium, where they play on huge astroturf pitches instead of the sand playgrounds at school. As well as skills coaching, the coaches have introduced health and life lessons at the start of each session, the aim is for the children to become ambassadors for sanitation and hygiene back at school. The Development teams also play matches against other local academies so we can gauge their progress and review their development.

With 28 girls currently invited to the Netball Development Academy, the coaches continue to provide netball coaching twice a week after school and in collaboration with the National Netball Federation, the girls will also have the opportunity to visit the national team players to learn from them and to be trained by some national coaches.

The main focus of the coaching for football, netball and the various other sports is to develop the person as well as the sportsperson. The discipline and commitment needed to succeed in sport are the same skills that are needed to succeed at school. We are promoting good attitudes and positive role models within our project.