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Futurestars is always looking for partners to work with to help us achieve our goals.
Some of the key organisations we work with currently are listed below:


We’ve worked closely with the GES since the first inception of Futurestars in 2015. The GES is primarily responsible for implementing the national education curriculum as part of the the Ministry of Education (MOE), a multiportfolio government ministry of Ghana, responsible for the government and management of Ghana’s education. The GES have helped us select the schools to work with and we consult with them on all new developments.



We’ve been working with Alive & Kicking for the last few years and they provide all the footballs used in the programme.

Alive and Kicking is a multi-award winning charity that makes durable balls in Africa. Since 2004 they have created over 1000 ethical employment opportunities in Ghana, Kenya and Zambia. Alive and Kicking also deliver health outreach programmes and have trained more than 1000 coaches to teach vulnerable young adults about HIV, AIDS and malaria using sports drills. They have donated more than 150,000 balls to schools, disadvantaged communities and youth teams around the world.


British High Commission Football Team, Tema


We have a strong relationship with the British High Commission in Ghana and in 2016 were introduced to the British High Commission Football Team. The team is an initiative started in 2013 that allows the High Commission to connect with other embassies, Ghanaian government departments, local authorities and most importantly grass roots teams based in Ghana.

Titus Bramble was honoured to represent the team (even scoring!) during a recent visit and Simon Milton presented the winning trophy to BHCFC during a recent victory over the US Embassy. Members of the team have supported the Futurestars annual Festival of Sport and are keen to get involved with Futurestars at an administrative level as well as lending moral support.

The team and their management (Ian Byrne and Simon Westlake) firmly believe that through football, comes unity.



The GCP Foundation is a UK charity whose goal is to alleviate energy poverty using renewable energy to provide affordable and sustainable light and electricity to the 600 million people living off-grid in continental Africa.

Currently only 39% of Africans are connected to the electricity grid, and 60% rely on kerosene. Kerosene is highly damaging to health. Using a kerosene lamp for the day is the equivalent of smoking 40 cigarettes. Besides the risks of burns, injuries and poisoning from carbon monoxide, Kerosene also omits high levels of CO2 which damages the atmosphere and harms us all.

Having access to efficient and safe lighting and electricity is invaluable, not only in the terms of safety but also in allowing productive work and education to continue after dark.



“It is fantastic to see sport being so effectively used to support social development, we are delighted to support the launch of Futurestars, and wish all of you the very best for the future. We also thank you for providing a wonderful professional experience for our student William Allen, through his help with filming and video production.” Dr Gavin Devereux, Director of Sports Sciences & Coaching.



Our Charities and Social Enterprise Team are advising on the formation of Futurestars as a registered charity, and on other aspects of Futurestars’ constitutional, governance and operational needs. Birketts is a full service law firm and advises businesses, institutions (including charities) and individuals in the UK and internationally.

Medical Training Solutions

Medical Training Solutions (MTS) Ltd employ highly qualified healthcare professionals to deliver a wide variety of accredited, regulated, and quality assured first aid training courses including: First Aid at Work, Emergency First Aid at Work, and Paediatric First Aid.

The clinical credibility of our instructors allows employers to feel confident that their first aid needs assessment is being completed to a superior standard, and conforms to guidance published by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) / Health and Safety (First Aid) Regulations 1981.

MTS is delighted to continue supporting the Futurestars charity and intend to provide medical support to the Festival of Sport in 2018.